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Last Night

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Last night I went to hunter safety and we got to shoot. They had it were the duck would shoot straight, but the wind had it shoot straight up and then fall down so the best time to shoot it was when it shoot out.
When I went out I was last in line and my first shoot i missed and the second i hit it dead on and at the end i shoot a 9/15 for my second time ever shooting


Somthing to look forword to!!

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Today after school I’ll be going to the gun club we all get to shoot. But I can finely relax because i passed both my written and field test for hunter safety.


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Need a Doctor

Xbox 360

BK Burger Shots

Country Day

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I knew today was going to be a good country day. Because today in history it was bout Texas declaring their independents

The Snowboard Im Going To Get

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The Burton Love Board

My Weekend

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My weekend was alright i dident get to do a lot of things because i babysat on Saturday and that was alright i played the wii and lost until we played tenses and golf. The next day i worked at the gun club and it was COLD, i mean who would want to shoot. But only two groups went out and i did pretty good shooting the ducks and calling.